Our social life has been hectic lately. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve only had a few evenings at home. Many of the nights out have been memorable, with wonderful friends and celebrating important milestones. One birthday party was simply exquisite. Another night at a hidden, private restaurant would fall into the “once in a lifetime” category. But still. Enough is enough. I need to stay home, wear sweatpants and eat plain food. No alcohol! And no dresses to wear backwards.

No Time to Recharge

We are lucky to spend most of our winters in Southern California. I travel back to Sioux Falls regularly for work and can enjoy the best of both worlds. But “the season” in California gets crazy. It’s hard to imagine, but there are numerous parties, events, visitors, and dinners out. Each evening on its own is wonderful. But line them up in succession and it’s a social tornado.

We may not be home in the evening, but my sweet dog Holmes still wants to get up before 7 a.m., preferably at 6 a.m. We start our day early by going to the dog park, then I exercise, work, go to the dog park again, work some more and then it’s time to get dressed up for the evening. If I’m rested, the days go by quickly and challenges bounce off of me. If I’m tired, the days feel long and I’m easily irritated.

Too Much of a Good Thing Isn’t Good

The more social our calendar is, the less social I am. When I don’t get time at home in the evenings, I’m beat. I then find it hard to make casual conversations, even with friends. During the day, I hear myself talk and realize that I sound like a downer.

This experience isn’t unique to me. Too much of many good things are not good. Too many kids activities – exhausting. Too much food at Thanksgiving is uncomfortable. Too much noise is deafening.

This imbalance happens in nature too. Too much rain leads to flooding. Too much dryness leads to fires. Too much snow means too much winter!

Getting Back in Balance

But nature has a way of righting itself. After flooding, the land eventually drains. After a fire, green growth sprouts from the ground. In the spring, the snow eventually melts.

I guess we humans have a way of recovering too. After a whirlwind of too much of anything, we can go in the opposite direction to right ourselves. After too much time with people, we find solitude. After too much dessert, we take a break from sweets. And after too much time alone, we find our friends. And after too many evenings out, we schedule some time at home.

Right now, it’s 6:35 p.m. and I’m in my pajamas. We’ve had dinner and my teeth are brushed. We will watch a show and then I will go to bed embarrassingly early, so early I don’t even want to admit it in this post. I can’t wait. And while it’s not the most traditionally exciting evening, for me, it’s going to be the best night ever.

I hope your life is in balance these days. And if it’s not, I hope you can go in the opposite direction and right yourself too. It feels really good.