I’ve been working the last couple of weeks at setting up this web site. It’s been surprisingly challenging! I did not choose the easiest way to do it. However, I did some online research and decided to set up my site using WordPress. I have absolutely no technical expertise, but through this process, I enjoyed learning a tiny bit about how to create a web site. My site is simple now, but one has to start somewhere. And something is better than nothing! This experience has made me think about how important and fun it is to do new things.

Besides setting up my site, another new thing I’ve been doing this summer is playing golf. I began playing golf about 15 years ago and after about a year, quit playing because I became enamored with tennis. For a variety of reasons, I’m playing less tennis this summer and therefore had some spare time. It hit me that now was my chance to get back into golf!

The first couple of times I played with some friends, my game was ugly! I quickly saw that my short game was non-existent and the strokes would really pile up around the green. I decided to start practicing chipping, pitching and putting regularly to make this part of golf less of a nightmare. I’m a practicer at heart, so I quickly seemed to find time here and there, most days to practice a bit. It’s been fun and exciting to become (slightly) more proficient around the green.

Now I’m looking for chances to play golf. At our club, there are not too many women that play regularly, so I’m asking many of them if I can join their games. My calendar doesn’t often jive with their tee times, but it’s worth a try. I also played several holes by myself yesterday and enjoyed that a lot.

Summer is a great time to try new things. Adding a new blog and sport to my life has added some happiness to my life. It makes me want to try other new things!