Downtown Sioux Falls will never be the same. On May 1st, Levitt at the Falls unveiled the results of its recent Chamber of Commerce’s Community Appeals campaign. Thanks to our generous community, my fantastic co-chairs and an incredible leadership team, we raised over $1.13 million. These funds will be used to build the venue and develop the Falls Park West site. But this campaign was not just about raising money. It was about much more. This campaign taught me the importance of dreams.

Levitt at the Falls, located at Falls Park West, will be an outdoor concert venue that will host 50 free concerts each summer. Set to open in 2019, our venue will be part of the national Levitt Foundation’s outdoor concert network and will receive capital and operating support from them. The City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department is also a key partner in this project.

I’ve been involved with this effort for over five years and during our recent campaign, I realized that every community asset we enjoy in Sioux Falls started as a dream.

Consider the extension of Phillips Avenue to our namesake, the Falls, our robust bike trail system, Sculpture Walk, JazzFest, the Washington Pavilion, the Sidewalk Arts Festival, the South Dakota Symphony and many more. All these places, entities and events make Sioux Falls vibrant and more than just a place to work and live. I can’t imagine life here without them. But they haven’t always been here. In fact, I remember when most of them didn’t exist, when our community didn’t shine as bright as it does today.

Levitt at the Falls is another big dream. Our founder received a phone call from a high school friend in 2011. His friend told him that Sioux Falls needed a Levitt concert venue. With this call, the dream began and step-by-step, this dream is becoming more real.

Levitt at the Falls is going to be a landmark and destination in Sioux Falls. Soon, we won’t be able to imagine summers in our community without it.

I think all our supporters believe in this dream too. Our donors ranged from businesses that are long-time community supporters to those that have never given to a community appeals campaign. We had many volunteer campaigners that were new to this semi-annual process. And my co-chairs and I were new to leading such an effort. But we were all willing to dream and then do the work needed to bring this exciting project to Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls has a rich history of dreaming and making these dreams a reality. But this campaign taught me that making good things happen in Sioux Falls is up to us. This is our Sioux Falls. It’s our turn to dream and then get to work. It’s not up to other people, the generation before us or after us to make things happen. It’s up to all of us to do what we can do and give what we can give.

In Sioux Falls, we come from a long line of dreamers that have combined these dreams with hard work to make Sioux Falls sparkle. Levitt at the Falls will be another asset that will soon join the long list of reasons why Sioux Falls is a gem.

Whatever your dreams may be, keep dreaming! And then get ready to do the hard work needed to make them a reality. It may not be an easy path, but you will feel a deep sense of purpose in your life. And who knows? The end result may end up helping others too.